Supplier Sourcing

We design powerful, collaborative solutions to meet your sourcing needs.

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Our Solutions

Supplier Assessment

  • Pro $1,699
  • Standard $899

Critical Component Sourcing

  • From $899

Finished Product Sourcing

  • From $1,299

Contract Manufacturer Selection

  • From $9,850

Technical Due Diligence

  • From $9,850

Product Cost Reduction

  • From $2,580

What You'll Get

Direct access

You get direct access to suppliers without the middlemen. We help reduce your COGS, increase your quality assurance and drop the money direct to your bottom line.

Reliable results

We're committed to delivering you reliable results through our proven processes, systems and experienced team.

Deep insight

We get to the bottom of the problem and find the root cause of it, and give you the sustainable solutions.

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