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Founded in 2015, Insight Solutions is a leading supply chain service provider, helping clients find the right suppliers and solve the most critical manufacturing issues.  With our deep experience and strong expertise in electronics and electrical manufacturing industry, we’ll be your local partner in Asia. 

Our expertise in numbers

92 %
of the staff are engineers
years of working experience on average
projects done
awesome clients
countries where our clients are from
continents where our clients are from
5800 +
suppliers in the database
2000 pcs/yr.
the smallest project we've done
500 m pcs/yr.
the largest project we've done

Our value

Insight Solutions is a pure service company. We are not a Trading Company, and we are NOT a broker.

As your partner, we act in your best interest to solve any problem in the supply chain. Moreover, we align with you, work hard on the ground to deliver excellent results so you can sit tight and relax.

Our team

For over 4 years, our experienced team has served fortune 500 brand companies, including Google, Intel, and Honeywell. In addition, we’ve worked with over 120 Hardware Startups from Silicon Valley, Seattle, New York, London, and Amsterdam. 

With us by your side, you have total end-to-end visibility of your project, with a solid risk mitigation plan to respond to changes. This is how we drive your business growth and competitiveness. 

Project engagement process

How we engage with your project every step of the way

Our background and experience

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