We have the answers to your questions. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more. We’d be delighted to help. 

We’re a group of supply chain professionals, with an average of 16 years of experience in the field.

To add value to your projects, we hire industry experts with OEM brand companies and Tier 1 factories background, then train and integrate them to our process and your needs, so you don’t have to. Our team members are required to be proficient in both written and oral English, possess problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills, and more. 

All these require significant investment, to which end we’re very confident that we can save your money and add value to your project that exceeds your expectations.

Of course.

We’re flexible to your needs. We can share with you our resources such as sourcing, quality engineering, and mechanical engineering pro rata. To avoid any resource allocation issue, we’ll plan the percentage of service time together.

We’re your local representatives to source and manage suppliers.

You can see us as your extended team, rather than just a supplier. We verify and validate your suppliers’ deliverable with our expertise in the target industry.

To do that, we report issues and status, and provide you with a detailed action list. In addition, we anticipate and mitigate potential risks, so your business can enjoy a sustainable growth. 

Absolutely. We can set up a call with you asap to understand your situation and propose our solutions.

The standard rate is US$ 429/man/day, since we need extra time to analyze, visit factories, solve problems as fast as we possibly can, and report back in a short range of time. It usually takes a few days for us to work on the emergency tasks. And we can totally work out a more favorable rate for any subsequent days/ tasks. 

We respect our suppliers and treat them fairly. Therefore, we maintain healthy relationships with them. Partnership is key. 

When you choose us as your partner, we first align with you on roles and responsibilities, then ensure that suppliers are well aligned. We set up a clear communication matrix and escalation path, ensuring our suppliers know who to contact when and if the need arises. Apart from that, you have direct contact with the suppliers, and we won’t give them approvals to do things without your authorization. 

It really depends on the project status. Typically, we’re onsite 3 to 4 day, or even 5 days a week. We believe it’s necessary to identify risks and solve problems, for us to spend time in the factories and working with front line people.

1) We set up a call with you to make an introduction. We endeavor to understand your manufacturing and supply chain management challenges and answer your questions. Then we work together to find the optimal way to move on.

2) We provide a SoW (Scope of Work) proposal, in which project objectives, tasks and deliverable, rates, terms and conditions and more information are clearly defined.

3) Once the SoW is approved by you, we’ll sign the Service Agreement and get the job started.

Headhunting agencies help you find the people, charge you one-time fee and then leave the rest to you afterwards. You need to take full liabilities and manage everything by yourself. We’re professional supply chain service company focusing on delivering good results from start to end. At the same time, you enjoy flexibility and much less liabilities. This is very important for almost any small companies in the growing stage. 

Trusted by Google, Intel, UC Berkeley and lots of hardware Startups from Silicon Valley, we have high credit and rich experience on IP protection management.

Since we currently focus on hardware products, it’s possible to serve clients from similar product category. Here are some actions being executed to clear your concerns:

1) We have a very mature IP protection policy, process and system;

2) Employee is required to sign an NDA at the very first day. Employees acknowledge well the legal liabilities for any violation;

3) We have strict access control to email, computer and cloud system;

4) Each working PC/device is under surveillance.

Well, there are a few ways to give you a certain level of assurance.

1) We align with you on the scope of work, which includes tasks, deliverables with KPI (key performance indicator) matrix, timeline, etc. upon project kickoff. Meanwhile, we set up communication and escalation process, so that everyone is clear about the expectation, and that the process is well managed.

2) There is a ‘probation period’ for Supplier Management service. You can terminate the relationship with a 3-day notice without any liabilities during this time. After that if clients want to discontinue the service without good reasons, clients are supposed to pay certain fee as compensation. Note here this will be part of the terms & conditions listed in the agreement, and the length of probation period depends on service term.

Feel free to let us know if you want to know more.