Finished Product Sourcing

We have a broad network with first-class brand manufacturers and retailer’s suppliers, empowering you to save money and have better sales.

Simple, transparent pricing

From $1,299

Lead time: 2 weeks

What can you expect from our solutions

Whether you’re looking for a wheel hub supplier for trailer of 3,500 kg or Sunbeam EM0180 milk frother manufacturer, we have the confidence to find it for you.

  • Source potential supplies & vendors
  • Develop, execute and support strategic sourcing plan
  • Prepare RFI, RFP, RFQ and evaluate supplier proposals
  • Negotiate cost down initiatives & lead time reduction
  • Forecast and solve all the difficulties and critical issues in the process
  • Collaborate closely with suppliers to ensure product compatibility and quality

How we work together to win together

We work closely with you, share what we know, and get you exactly what you're looking for. 

1. Align key product requirements

2. Source potential suppliers

3. Conduct RFP

4. SWOT analysis, risk highlights and recommendations

Industries we serve

We work with a wide range of industries, sector, and markets, and we're still exploring.  

Consumer products

Medical & health


Networking & telecom

You asked, we answered

What kinds of finished products are you good at sourcing?

Currently we’re specialized in consumer electronics, home appliance, LED lighting, hardware tools, which benefit from our rich experience and network in Home Depot, Walmart, IKEA, etc.

I only have a small order which is less than 500 units, can you find good suppliers for me?

Of course yes.

There are different sizes of suppliers in our supplier database for various needs. Our standard process includes identifying business fit, suppliers’ interest level before making recommendation.

Can you also help with finished product purchasing contract/ agreement preparation, review and negotiation?

Of course.

We can tailor a purchasing agreement for you to prevent potential risks, such as IP infringement, delivery delay, quality issue, etc.

Please fill out this form to let us know your specific requirements.

Can I place the order, and you buy products from the suppliers and then deliver them to us?

No. We’re a service company and we don’t do this kind of trading business. 

Can I give you a cost target and you get paid only when you find suppliers who achieve the target?

We’re afraid not.

We help clients find right suppliers with good quality, delivery, service and reasonable prices out of healthy business relationship, instead of low-cost solely.

If you’re really interested in using our service, but cost is the big concern, we can still align your expectations and conduct a rough search first to see if the target can be met, then decide what’s next from there. 

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