Technical Due Diligence

We run a systematic and deep investigation on a business to verify its technical capabilities, value, risks behind and we provide you with independent and deep insights. 

What can you expect from our solutions

Whether you’re investing a solar home system business in Africa, or acquiring a testing automation company in China, our experts have the expertise and experience to help you make better decisions.

How we work together to win together

We work closely with you, share what we know, and get you exactly what you're looking for. 

1. Align timeline, critical requirements and expectations

2. Design and finalize SoW proposal

3. Visit target company for data verification and cross interviews

4. Submit red flag report

5. Conduct 2nd visit to target company

6. Submit conclusion report

7. Support the transaction stage as needed

Industries we serve

We work with a wide range of industries, sector, and markets, and we're still exploring.  

Consumer products

Medical & health


Networking & telecom

You asked, we answered

What is technical due diligence?

Technical due diligence is a detailed evaluation of the technical side of a company. The purpose is to determine whether a company is a sound investment decision and to prepare for a mergers and acquisitions. 

Why is the fee for technical due diligence service high?

Technical due diligence plays a key role in enabling investors to make better decision, through mass data, deep insights and risks anticipation.

Therefore, our senior executives and top technical experts will be assigned to initiate, analyze, review, and finally deliver observations and recommendations into several reports.
As always, we strive to provide value for money service to you.

What industries and/or products have you done technical due diligence before?

We’ve done: 

1) Due diligence on the US and Chinese offices and suppliers of a US-based world leading LED lighting company, who sells over 40 million units of their products to businesses such as Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco;

2) 35 due diligence on an industry giant’s licensed home appliance product manufacturers, covering R&D, manufacturing process, supply chain, quality management, EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) compliance, and more;

3) 8 factories’ quality system and quality control due diligence of a leading US distributor; 

4) Due diligence on a world leading solar lighting and home electricity system company, covering product design and development, to shipment. 

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