Critical Component Sourcing

We find you the ideal suppliers for your precise components. 

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What can you expect from our solutions

Whether it's a 20 mA lithium battery, a 18 mm DC brushless motor, 0.02 mm zirconia ceramics CNC process, or an alloy A356 low pressure die-casting process, we have the expertise and experience to find you the right suppliers successfully.

How we work together to win together

We work closely with you, share what we know, and get you exactly what you're looking for. 

1. Align with your critical requirements

2. Review engineering internal

3. Drive initial supplier meetings

4. Collect and analyze RFQ

5. Compare pros and cons, and make final recommendations

You asked, we answered

What is critical component?

Critical component is the key component in your product Bill of Materials (BOM).

Normally, it’ll have significant impact on functionality and reliability of products such as battery, motor, PCB (print circuit board), display, plastic, metal, antenna, lens, etc.

I tend to find suppliers via or Google, is that a problem?

Most of these suppliers are not vetted or verified, and we’ve seen many hardware startups failed due to wrong component supplier selection. Because wrong suppliers impact product functionality, reliability, delivery badly if you don’t deeply assess their capabilities.

How do you find the right suppliers with good quality and price?

We’re a handpicked team with rich experience from both OEM brand companies such Apple, Cisco, Motorola and Honeywell, and OEM companies such as Foxconn, Flex, and Jabil. Therefore, we form a broad supplier network and deep engagement experience with component suppliers of different sizes.

Normally, we source from our supplier database or new suppliers through network channel. Our professional sourcing process and procedures enable you to get good quality and price suppliers to work with.

My contract manufacturer can help me source critical components as well, how is your service different from theirs?

You’ll get your own, independent supply chain to increase supply chain security, so you won’t rely solely on your contract manufacturer.

In addition, you have stronger leverage power when negotiating with contract manufacturers.

Can I get direct access to the suppliers and communicate with them directly?

Absolutely. You’ll be introduced to verified suppliers and have direct, transparent access to suppliers after our engagement. 

Do you only source suppliers from China?

No, our supplier database is worldwide: there aren’t any boundaries of region and nation. The ultimate goal is to find right suppliers that meet your needs. 

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