Supplier Quality Management

Insight Solutions Global helped resolved the gap issue, drove the communication efficiency, guided the supplier to set up measurement system, and finally increased the yield rate to 99.48%.

About the client

Industry: Consumer electronics

Product: Wearable

Customer Size: Hardware startup

Country: United States


  • There was an over-spec gap issue between the product’s cover housing and band;
  • The cover flexing up due to the deflection of the clips when fully assembled, which was unseen with the first 12,500 units; 
  • The TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) thickness was also over-spec;
  • Inefficient communication among the plastic injection and tooling suppliers, the contract manufacturer and the client; 
  • Client’s mechanical engineer failed to do rigorous part test because of the difficulty of measuring the part’s  specifications. 

How we helped

  • Our mechanical supplier quality engineer was assigned to review the product specification, cover and band assembly structure and process; 
  • Collected drawings and analytical data from client’s mechanical engineer to understand previous experiment details; 
  • Review the gap issue and identified possible root causes with client’s mechanical engineer; 
  • Visited the plastic injection supplier onsite to understand the manufacturing processes and quality control details; 
  • Defined corrective actions after root cause analysis; 
  • Reviewed design for manufacturing (DFM) with the injection and tooling suppliers’ engineering teams; 
  • Suggested plastic injection and tooling suppliers to do a tooling modification and dimension measurements to verify if new samples meet the requirements after assembly; 
  • Reviewed all the samples with plastic injection suppliers with the help of proper measurement criteria and methodology; 
  • Used 30 samples for the magnet force test and pull test after full assembly of the product; 
  • Guided the suppliers to set up a measurement analysis system to follow strictly. 


  • Increased the yield rate from 92.65% to 99.485;
  • Resolved the gap issue; 
  • No more complaints from the client. 

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