Pogo Pins: Future Market and Technology Development Trends

Driven by the 5G data communication and automotive industry, demand for pogo pins is continuously growing. Experts has also estimated that the global pogo pin connector market will reach 60 billion US dollars by 2020, which brings both great chances and challenges.

In order to help you achieve great success in the future, this post will introduce to you what the market calls for pogo pin products and the future development direction of technology.

1. What does the market call for pogo pin products?

In recent years, because of the development of 5G communication, electric vehicle and industrial 4.0, miniaturized and chipped connectors are in great demand.


1.1 How does the product adapt to the 5G internet era?

In 5G communication applications, pogo pins can convert both optical signals and electrical signals.

The high data and high transmission requirements of 5G determines the performance upgrade of connectors, which means high-frequency and high-speed have become new trend.

Old fashioned pogo pins were used for many contact points, which were filled in many expansion card slots. Of course, in the 5G era, there might be dozens of connectors in a fiber optic device, which required smaller pogo pins for higher performance.

1.2 What kind of product does customer need?

The Chinese government has invested heavily in the smart grid, automobile and rail transit industries.

That said, the market is increasingly demanding high-speed interconnection and current resistance of connectors. Let’s look at some cases from the following perspectives!


Take IPTV as an example, of which antenna is the most important part, so TV manufacturers need to set the antenna at a short distance to avoid material waste, which indicates that miniaturization and energy saving of connectors have become an important trend in the development of home appliance industry.

B. Automotive vehicles

In automotive applications, not only automotive entertainment systems but also electric systems desperately ask for better connectors. Besides, connectors are also required to transfer data between engine management systems.


Complex vehicle body control, remote communication and other functions in automotive electronic systems also place higher demands and challenges on the miniaturization, intelligence, green environmental protection and high reliability of pogo pin connectors.

C. Industrial pogo pin

Industrial connectors require greater reliability and performance. With the construction of industrial Internet, stronger connectors are needed between the industrial equipment and the network.

2. How about future direction of technology?

According to different requirements of the market, as the intelligence need of products becomes more and more obvious, the pogo pin products show the following four development trends.

2.1 From standard to customized

Traditional connectors are passive products. Manufacturers just need to provide standardized products to customers.

As more and more smart products emerge, such as robots and drones, manufacturers sometimes want to get customized connector products.

To meet the needs of products, connector producers have to develop new products together with customers to meet the shape and function needs of customers, which means connector manufacturers must participate in the design process.

2.2 From single signal to multi signal transmission

Traditional connectors transmit only a single signal, such as video, control, or data signals.

As electronic products become thinner and lighter, connectors can also transmit multiple signals, and the same cable can simultaneously transmit light, electricity, or other signals. It also helps to save space and improve system reliability.

2.3 From passive products to modular and intelligent

In order to gain more profits, traditional connector manufacturers are turning connectors from a passive product to a modular product.

For example, the designer will change single cable in server by adding active ICs to obtain a smart cable that can monitor data.

2.4 Thinning and miniaturization

Nowadays, electronic products are becoming thinner and lighter. They are also driving the development of connectors with small size, low height, narrow pitch, multi function, long life, and surface mounting.

As a result, connector manufacturers have to adapt to these changes to improve their designs.

That is all about the future trend of pogo pins we need to focus on, and we hope all this information is useful. Feel Free to leave you comment below if you have any questions.

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