Author: Catherine Zhang

Why Chip Is Not Cheap – About Industry Chain of Chip Manufacturing In China

China is one of the largest chip-import country with an import value of more than 200 billion US dollars annually. But the huge reliance on imports rather than independent self-production is dangerous. In this report, we will introduce you the industry chain of chip manufacturing and China’s current chip-industry situation so that you can have a deep understanding of China’s chip industry circumstances and adjust your strategic planning.

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On The E-Cigarette and Vaping Chinese Supply Chain

E-cigarettes are a typical product of the cross-border integration of information technology and traditional industries. In this report, we will mainly focus on the cost structure, product structure and industry chain of electronic cigarette, so that you will have a deeper understanding of this industry and position your business activities better.

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E-scooter Business is Zooming, How Can Chinese Supply Chain Help?

Through some recent investments, we can see Silicon Valley’s enthusiasm for investing in scooter business. But the problem is why scooter startups are suddenly worth billions? In this post, we are going to dig out the reasons behind “scooter business heat”and try to figure out what role does China play in this billion-worth business.

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