Supplier Quality Management

With our professional, local and flexible team, you don’t need to struggle with managing your supplier quality anymore. We’re your local team to fix problems in real time.

What can you expect from our solutions

As your partner, we're fully committed to your success, and solve some of the toughest problems on the ground. 

You asked, we answered

Can your supplier quality engineer do quality inspection too?

We can do that, only for a short-term or as urgent needed.

On the side note, we suggest that you hire a quality inspection agency from cost-saving perspective. Our supplier quality engineer (SQE) are senior engineers who tend to contribute more value on quality issue troubleshooting.

Have your SQEs worked with very small suppliers for quality improvement?

Yes. Our SQEs have rich experience working with small suppliers, both small contract manufacturers and component suppliers.

Are your SQEs from engineering background?

Yes, all our SQEs are from engineering background and most of them are Green or Black Belt certified.

I don’t have a solid quality plan or a critical quality requirement instruction. Will you create one for me?

Don’t you worry about it, we can create, review with you and get your approval before releasing it to suppliers.

Can your SQEs help on quality certification compliance requirements plan and review?

Yes, this is exactly what we do for many clients.

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