Solar Panel: Quality Issues and Key Control Points

The solar panel is a photoelectric semiconductor chip that uses solar to generate electricity directly. It’s crucial to clean energy in that all photovoltaic products need to use solar panel.

The efficiency of solar panel products depend on:

  • The quality of the solar panels,
  • The installing process of solar panels and,
  • The maintenance system of the solar panel.

Now let’s take a deep look into these 3 aspects and see what you can do increase your solar panel efficiency and reduce possible problems to the lowest level possible.

International Space Station, Construction, Truss Section, Solar Cell Array, Earth, Space, Antenna
Solar panel used in the space.

1. The quality of solar panels

1.1 Tempered glasses

The tempered glasses have to have high transparency, 3.2 mm thick and be dyed to dark purple evenly.

If the surface of the tempered glass is inadvertently dropped on the silicone, it should be removed in time. Otherwise, the power generation efficiency of the panel will be affected.

1.2 Battery pieces

Some of the irregular manufacturers use broken battery pieces to save costs. At first, it may not be a problem.

But the spliced battery is easy to cause breakage in long-term use, which affects the use of the entire panel. When the temperature is too high, there will be fire, which threatens the safety of the user.

1.3 Vacuum between batteries and tempered glass

The gap between batteries and tempered glass have to be vacuumed. There should be no air inside the solar panel so that the solar panels have a high work efficiency.

In order to make sure the solar panel is sealed and function, the silicone has to have long-life, high transparency, and good sealing function.

Solar panle, Aluminum frame, silicone
Aluminum frame and silicone help hold the solar panel together.

1.4 Welding junction box

The welding junction box derived from the electrical energy produced through the cable. The junction box cover should be firmly and closely attached to the junction box, and the outlet cable locker should be freely rotated and tightened.

1.5 EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

As a binder between the tempered glasses and batteries strips, the EVA needs to be transparent, sustainable and needs to be used within 12 hours. It should not be mixed with other chemicals and other EVA from different producers.

1.6 Technical parameters

The technical parameters have to fit with the design, such as open circuit voltage, short circuit current, working voltage, etc.

Depends on the pressure on the back of the solar panel, if there are bubbles, wrinkles, and other traces that solar panel is classified as unqualified.

2. Precautions during solar panels installation

2.1 Transport and install

During the transport process and install process, the solar panel has to be well-protected. Even the smallest scratch or a broken corner can affect the conversion rate.

2.2 Right angle

The solar panel needs to have high receiving sensitivity.

There are many reasons that will affect the sensitivity. For example, the sun is in different positions during the day,  and shadows of the surrounding building.

If the solar panel can turn time by time or settle at the right angle (the highest receiving sensitivity rate), it will have a higher conversion rate.

Therefore, automatic turning machine and other supporting components need to be considered.

2.3 Weather and other human factors

Weather and climate need to be considered when you design the product. Subtropical areas do have the sun for solar panel, but rains and typhoons should also be considered.

Human factor needs to be considered as well. For example, the roof solar panel using isn’t appropriate and cause fire hazard very easily. It happened in London in 2017.

install, worker, solar panel
The workers are installing the solar panel.

3. The maintenance system of the solar panel

As mentioned, transparency is important. So cleaning the surface should be part of the routine work.

That is also why we don’t recommend installing solar panel close to the desert. Because after installation, the maintenance would be a big part of daily job and coating the solar panel with a layer of electrically sensitive material (self-cleaning) may be a good idea.

In addition, most of the solar panels are working outdoors, facing different situations which require individual plans. Therefore, good material, skilled worker, suitable design and scientific maintenance system can produce a quality product.

Last but not least, we can help you to choose the configuration you need that the solar panel will be more secure and safer. Feel free to make a comment below or find out more information on our website.

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