Manufacturing Engineering Support

Our hands-on experienced engineers know to identify and debug issues on line so you don’t have to be away from your family, catch flights or stay in the production line for weeks. You can rest assured that we can take care of it all for you.

Looking for manufacturing engineering support?

What can you expect from our solutions

As your partner, we're fully committed to your success, and solve some of the toughest problems on the ground. 

  • Design for manufacturability: provide early and ongoing manufacturing involvement to ensure new products are mechanically manufactural
  • Product engineering: work all phases of a product from concept to repeat manufacturing to end of life
  • Production support engineering, with respect to technically complex testing methods, procedures and failure analysis
  • Process engineering: design and develop technically complex processes to improve quality and efficiency
  • Failure/ data analysis: plan, develop and implement technically complex procedures for the testing and evaluation of soon to be released products
  • Specify test to be performed, compile data and make recommendations for product design changes and final assembly standards

You asked, we answered

What kinds of engineering support do you provide?

We’re a group of engineers who are very experienced in process, testing, automation, SMT/PCBA, mechanical, tooling, and more. 

I need hands-on engineers, not managers. Do you have such support?

All our engineers are hands-on people who troubleshoot production line problems: we enjoy solving problems. In addition, we love to be game changers, rather than scorekeepers.

Can your engineers speak English?

All our engineers speak English, probably not as excellent as Project Managers. But we can totally talk about work with you in English. 

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