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Cost Improvement Plan (CIP) Report Template Download

Finding room for improvement in a project is one of the eternal goals for a project manager. And saving more and spending less sure is one of the most important ones. 

So when should you talk to your supplier about  the cost-saving plan? What data should you use to back up your proposal?

This Cost Improvement Plan (CIP) Report has all you need. With proper use, it sure will help you deliver in-year savings, improve your finances and meet your control totals.

What's inside?

  • Total cost of a single product, with BOM cost, LOP (labor, overhead and profit) and shipping costs included
  • Component improvement opportunities with supplier information and detail product pricing information
  • Cost saving anticipation allow you to see how much you could or will save for your business
  • Piece price delta allows you to compare how much you could save when with different suppliers or materials
  • Cost tracking summary

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